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Pittsburgh Mike
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fireworks over point 1 m.jpg fireworks over point 2 m.jpg point at night m.jpg smithfield bridge m.jpg southside rooflines m.jpg window and vines 1109_MG_0611 m.jpg 6th street bridge view 1109_Panorama source mg0724 m.jpg 9th street bridge 1109_MG_0505 m.jpg 9th street bridge 1109_MG_0608 m.jpg fireworks 7th street bridge 1109_MG_0595 m.jpg fireworks bursting over bridge 1109_MG_0544 m.jpg fireworks display pittsburgh 1109_MG_0573 m.jpg fireworks on light up night 1109_MG_0555 m.jpg fireworks over 7th street bridge 1109_MG_0576 m.jpg fireworks over the Allegheny 1109_MG_0548 m.jpg fireworks pittsburgh 1109_MG_0594 m.jpg north side view bw 1109_MG_0717 m.jpg steel for work and play bw 1109_MG_0657 m.jpg
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