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Horses & Cowboys: Wyoming Mike
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3 cowboys in snowstorm pan blur  m A1G1864.jpg arcing tree m VT1C0869.jpg arctic grazing m A1G1425.jpg at full gallop m A1G4842.jpg big & small m_A1G5377.jpg bringing them in m_A1G4118.jpg campfire comradery m_A1G4529 b&w.jpg charging cowboy times lapse x5 m_A1G3810.jpg closing in m_A1G1024.jpg closing in m_A1G1037.jpg cowboy & clouds IR m  CRW_1960.jpg cowboy & dog on ridgeline m_A1G3817.jpg cowboy & dog pan blur m_A1G0913.jpg cowboy & herd riding across meadow m_A1G2743.jpg cowboy & his dog m IR CRW_1581.jpg cowboy & horse bond m A1G4359.jpg cowboy & horse in the grass m_A1G2849.jpg cowboy & lantern m IR CRW_1877.jpg
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