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Death Valley Springtime Mike
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zabriskie point pre dawn 0309_MG_0739 m.jpg afternoon dust storm death valley 0309_MG_1110 m.jpg afternoon in death valley 0309 os_A1G5285 m.jpg ashford mill 0309_A1G5012 m.jpg ashford mill IR 0309 CRW_2594 m.jpg ashford mill IR 0309 CRW_2596 m.jpg big dipper over the dunes 0309_MG_0913 m.jpg busted bank 0309_MG_1127 m.jpg charcoal kiln at night 0309_MG_0801 m.jpg charcoal kilns and stars 0309_MG_0797 m.jpg charcoal kilns and stars 0309_MG_0798 m.jpg charcoal kilns B&W 0309_A1G5087 m.jpg cook bank by moonlight 0309_MG_1118 m.jpg cook bank rhyolite 0309_MG_1125 m.jpg corkscrew peak springtime 0309_A1G5111 m.jpg corkscrew peak springtime 0309_A1G5322 m.jpg dawn at the death valley dunes 0309_MG_0828 m.jpg dawn of night death valley 0309_MG_0919 m.jpg
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