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Cemetery with wildflowers Mike
buried cross 0709_MG_4339 m.jpg cemetery cross and daisies 0709_MG_4404 m.jpg cemetery daisies 0709_MG_4317 m.jpg cemetery disrepair 0709_MG_4326 m.jpg crested butte cemetery gate da 0709_MG_4395 m.jpg crested butte cemetery gate in fog bw_MG_4304 m.jpg crosses 0709_MG_4387 m.jpg daisies and fence 0709_MG_4372 m.jpg grave and daisies 0709 bw_MG_4311 m.jpg gravesite 22 0409_MG_4403 m.jpg gravesite crested butte 0709_MG_4363 m.jpg gravesite fogged in 0709_MG_4343 m.jpg graveyard fence 0709_MG_4352 m.jpg neglected grave 0709_MG_4349 m.jpg RIP 0709_MG_4422 m.jpg the lamb lies down 0709_MG_4359 m.jpg view toward cemetery gate 0709_MG_4322 m.jpg



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