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Tetons & Wyoming in the Fall Mike
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yellowstone wetlands in fall 1009_MG_9016 m.jpg 3 horses tetons 0909_MG_6019 m.jpg ag buildings greybull 1009 0A1G1144 m.jpg aspen lined lane 0909_MG_6298 m.jpg backstreets of greybull 1009_MG_8979 m.jpg buffalo at teton barn 1009_MG_9059 m.jpg castle geyser and forest fire 0909 0A1G6770 m.jpg day fades to night 0909_MG_5889 m.jpg earthly and heavenly fires 0909_MG_6405 m.jpg edge of fire 0909_MG_5924 m.jpg fall color bands 0909_MG_6285 m.jpg firery sunset mt moran 0909 0A1G6710 m.jpg firery sunset oxbow bend 0909 0A1G6714 m.jpg flame fed sunset snake river 0909 0A1G6810 m.jpg forest fire flare up tetons 0909_MG_6216 m.jpg forest fire from oxbow bend 0909_MG_6388 m.jpg forest fire from signal mountain 0909_MG_6401 m.jpg forest fire reflection 0909_MG_6196 m.jpg
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