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Ohio selected images Mike
phlox fog & tree m.jpg Grass at sunrise 3 m.jpg tinkers creek gorge m 2.jpg lake erie lillies at dawn  m 0808_A1G1883.jpg blue hen falls ledges m.jpg marblehead lighthouse and iceshelf306hz m.jpg cloud works july 4 2009_MG_3958 m.jpg country road ohio 1009_MG_9476 m.jpg lower falls hocking hills 1209_MG_0919 m.jpg flowing water spring day 0510 0A1G5125 m.jpg glorious morning in the gorge 0510 0A1G5358 m.jpg light and water fall off 0510 0A1G5177 m.jpg spring water flow 0510 0A1G5023 m.jpg springtime cantwell cliffs 0510 0A1G5153 m.jpg



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