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South Dakota Badlands Mike
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red rays of the rising sun 0910_MG_8807 m.jpg aerial formation view 0910_MG_8632 m.jpg badlands  pinnacles BW_MG_8298 m.jpg badlands color palette_MG_8731 m.jpg badlands evening 0910_Panorama m.jpg badlands formation afternoon 0910 m_MG_8044.jpg badlands formations at twilight 0910_MG_8169 m.jpg badlands formations black and white 0910_A1G7042 m.jpg badlands ridgeline view BW 0910_MG_8860 m.jpg badlands thunderstorm 0910_MG_8548 m.jpg banded badlands formations 0910_MG_8101 m.jpg banded formations and clouds 0910_MG_8668 m.jpg banded formations at dawn 0910_MG_8100 m.jpg banded jagged formations 0910_A1G7021 m.jpg bent and broken 0910_MG_8448 m.jpg bicolor formations 0910_A1G6846 m.jpg broken clouds over badlands 0910_A1G6876 m.jpg clouds over banded formations 0910_MG_8671 m.jpg
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