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New York Mike
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work and play 1110_MG_0988 m.jpg a day in the city 1110_MG_0892 m.jpg architectural contrast 1110_MG_0948 m.jpg architectural contrasts 1110_MG_0943 m.jpg architectural variety 1110_MG_0121 m.jpg atlas at night 1110_MG_1802 m.jpg atlas under full moon BW 1110_MG_1793 m.jpg bricks and clouds BW 1110_MG_0214 m.jpg brooklyn bridge 1110_MG_1043 m.jpg building abstract 1110 _MG_0129 m.jpg building abstract 1110_MG_0115 m.jpg building singularity 1110_MG_0213 m.jpg buliding pattern 1110_MG_1025 m.jpg calorie conflict 1110_MG_1925 m.jpg ceiling lines BW 1110_MG_1033 m.jpg city color_MG_1093 m.jpg city colors 1110_MG_0856 m.jpg city shadows BW 1110_MG_0844 m.jpg
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