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Detroit Mike
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busted glass 0311_MG_2852 m.jpg central station detroit BW 0311_MG_2810 m.jpg central station vintage BW 0311_MG_2868 m.jpg church steeple BW 0311_MG_2797 m.jpg conveyer 0311_MG_2785 m.jpg conveyer IR BW 0311_MG_2785 m.jpg conveyer tower  BW 0311_MG_2772 m.jpg conveyer tower 0311_MG_2772 m.jpg conveyors 0311 BW_MG_2781 m.jpg crossings BW 0311_MG_2830 m.jpg denial 0311_MG_2871 m.jpg denied entry 0311_MG_2871 m.jpg detail decline 0311_MG_2885 m.jpg detail decline BW 0311_MG_2885 m.jpg doorway central station 0311_MG_2848 m.jpg doorway central station selenium 0311_MG_2848 m.jpg ice flows 0311 MG_2739 m.jpg keeping the faith BW 0311_MG_2746 m.jpg
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