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glacier national park 2012 Mike
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barbed wire 0712_M3C3526 m.jpg bear grass at sunrise 0712_M3C4978_HDR m.jpg bear grass infused slope 0712_M3C4057 m.jpg beargrass 0712_M3C4012 m.jpg beargrass and peak 0712_M3C4727 m.jpg beargrass beneath clouded peak 0712_M3C3985 m.jpg beargrass bullhead lake 0712_M3C4094 m.jpg beargrass by the lake 0712_M3C5002_HDR m.jpg beargrass closeup 0712_M3C3993 m.jpg beargrass field 0712_M3C4171 m.jpg beargrass glacier park 0712_M3C4020 m.jpg beargrass peak and clouds 0712_M3C4725 m.jpg beargrass slope 0712_M3C4069 m.jpg between clouds and fog 0712_M3C3748 m.jpg boat on shoreline BW 0712_M3C4874_HDR m.jpg bullhead lake 0712_M3C4118 m.jpg c5  to c16 BW 0712 M3C2348 m.jpg clearing storm glacier park 0712_M3C3196 m.jpg
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